Types Of Mining Farms And Their Key Differences

There are two main ways to make money with the cryptocurrency. Mining is one of the most popular ones. It allows people to get a stable income, in case they are lucky.

Mining is a unique process. It emerged with the rise of cryptocurrency. It can be done only virtually. To mine a cryptocurrency, a person has to use appropriate software and hardware.

How Mining Farms Differ

There are many minging farms that are available online. The main currency you can mine there is Bitcoin. However, there are some platforms where you can also mine Litecoins, or Ethereum.

To mine cryptocurrency, you have to understand the process of mining well. It is fully based on blockchain technology. A person has to mine Bitcoins, adding new blocks into the chain.

Here are the most popular mining farms:

  • P2Pool.org. It is one of the most reliable places where you can earn cryptocurrency. The main difference of it compared to other platforms is its transparency. Operations of all users are open to public.
  • Kano CKPool. It is a program that was invented by an Australian programmer. It is opened to general public. Everyone can start mining on this farm. One of the biggest advantages of working on this platforms is that it allows to make the activity quicker than on the other platforms.
  • 8baotchi. It is one of the biggest mining pools in China. It occupies big part of the Chinese virtual financial market.
  • BitClub Network. It is one of the programs that does not disclose the names of its founders. It only states that it was developed by talented programmers.
  • GHash.io. It is one of the largest mining farms available. Today, it is accountable for 51% of total Bitcoin mining. It grows so rapidly that some people believe it will swallow blockchain technology and substitute it with a newly developed technology.
  • Slush. It is a platform that does not have a large market share. However, it is one of the oldest and the most reliable platforms to earn cryptocurrency.
  • BW Pool. It is another platform that is very popular in China. It is a reliable website to mine digital coins in Asia.

These are the main platforms where you can earn your digital money. If you decide to earn money this way, you have to undertake this activity on a daily basis.

Mining on farms is not an easy way to make money, but it can bring a stable income and is a good investment. If it does not bring you enough profit, you can invest in initial coin offerings.