The Biggest ICO in History From Telegram

After cryptocurrency was first launched in 2009, there appeared a new way to attract investments. This was called initial coin offering. ICO is opened to public. It collects little and large investments to give a push to business ideas. One of the most successful ICOs in history was Telegram. Today, it is a well-known company. Many years before, Pavel Durov […]

Operation Principles Of Blockchain

Blockchain is a well-known technology of today. It is first of all associated with Bitcoin development. It was created to enable cryptocurrency to enter financial markets. Blockchain, though, can be beneficial not only for virtual financial markets. It can equally be beneficial for other business to function well. This technology was intruded back in 2008. How Blockchain Works Blockchain is […]

How Cryptocurrencies Appear

Cryptocurrencies are one of financial assets that appear without any governmental interaction. Essence of digital currency lays in blockchain IT technology. It is a ledger that helps to conduct thousands of transactions per second. Cryptocurrencies can be invented with the help of human intellectual activity. There is nothing that limits appearance of new digital money. Today, new digital money canĀ appear […]